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Matters needing attention in the operation safety of CNC engraving machine

2022-02-21 14:50:10

When using the CNC engraving machine, the operating procedures of the CNC engraving machine should be strictly followed, and the instruction manual and safety guide should be carefully read. Only in this way can work risks be reduced.
Basic precautions for safe operation of CNC engraving machine.
1. Before operating the CNC engraving machine, be sure to read the instruction manual in detail to confirm that you are familiar with the performance of the machine. Personnel unfamiliar with the machine are strictly prohibited from operating the machine.
2. Please read and understand the warning signs before operating the CNC engraving machine. Do not remove or damage warning signs installed on the machine. Replace warning signs if they become blurred or disappear;
3. Before operating the CNC engraving machine, remove jewelry such as ties, rings, watches, etc., and roll the sleeves over the elbows; do not wear loose clothes; limit long hair; it is recommended to wear non-slip shoes or non-slip strips;
4. It is not allowed to wear gloves to operate the machine tool during work;
5. When using the CNC engraving machine, be sure to wear approved safety glasses/masks;
6. Wear ear protectors (earplugs or earmuffs) when operating for a long time;
7. Be careful not to set obstacles around the machine tool, the working space should be large enough, and provide a glare-free ceiling light;
8. If more than two people are required to complete a task, they should pay attention to mutual cooperation;
9. It is not allowed to use compressed air to clean machine tools, electrical cabinets and numerical control devices;
10. Drilling, sawing, grinding or processing wood products can produce wood chips and other known carcinogens. Avoid inhaling dust from wood products, or use a dust mask or other protective measures to avoid inhaling dust from wood products.
11. Do not operate the CNC engraving machine when fatigued or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any drugs.
Preparation before CNC engraving machine work
1. The machine tool must be preheated before starting to work, and carefully check whether the lubrication system is working properly. If the machine tool has not been started for a long time, you can manually supply oil to all parts first;
2. Before and during the engraving, check and confirm whether the cooling system (water pump) and lubrication system (oil pump) of the motor are working normally;
3. The tools used should meet the allowable specifications of the machine tool, and the severely damaged tools should be replaced in time; the tools used to adjust the tools should not be forgotten in the machine tool; after the tools are installed, one or two trial cuts should be carried out;
4. Check the clamping working status of the chuck;
5. When clamping the workpiece, the principle of "installation, installation, installation" must be followed, and it is strictly forbidden to engrave on suspended objects; in order to prevent material deformation, the material thickness should be more than 2mm larger than the engraving depth;
6. The debris in the clamp head must be cleaned up before installing the clamp;
7. When installing the tool, you must first screw the chuck into the lock nut and place it vertically, and install it on the motor shaft together, then insert the tool into the chuck, and then slowly tighten it with the upper knife wrench. nut. When loading and unloading tools, the loose nut is prohibited from pushing and pulling, and the rotating method is used;
8. The length of the tool exposed to the chuck must be determined according to the engraving depth, whether the workpiece and the fixture interfere with each other, etc., and it should be as short as possible when the above conditions are met;
9. The starting point of X, Y and Z axes must be correctly defined before processing. The starting point of Z axis must be redefined immediately after tool change, and the starting point of X and Y axis cannot be changed;
10. When using the tool setter to define the tool setting point, it is strictly forbidden to rotate the spindle to avoid damage to the tool setter; it is strictly forbidden to fill the tool setter with water or oil, and the tool setter must be covered with a cup when not in use;
11. Before starting processing (cutter), put your hand on the red emergency switch button, and press it immediately if there is an accident.
12. Do not use the CNC engraving machine for unexpected purposes. CNC engraving machine is used for engraving and cutting wood, acrylic, plastic and soft metal, etc. Do not use for cutting hard metal.
Safety precautions in the working process of CNC engraving machine
1. It is forbidden to touch the tool tip and iron filings with your hands. Iron filings must be cleaned with a hook or brush;
2. It is forbidden to touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or in any other way;
3. It is forbidden to measure the workpiece and change the speed during the processing, not to wipe the workpiece with cotton thread, nor to clean the machine tool;
4. During the operation of the milling machine, the operator shall not leave the post, and should stop immediately when abnormal phenomena are found;
5. Always check the bearing temperature. If it is too high, it should be checked by relevant personnel;
6. It is not allowed to open the protective door of the machine during processing;
7. Strictly abide by the post responsibility system, the machine tool is used by special personnel, and the use of others must be approved by the person;
8. It is strictly forbidden to place any objects on the beam and baffle of the machine tool to avoid falling and hurting people;
9. It is strictly forbidden to lie on the machine during operation, let alone sit or lean on the frame.
10. Do not use in hazardous environments. Do not use power tools in wet or damp places, or expose them to rain. Keep your work area well-lit.
Matters needing attention after the CNC engraving machine is completed
1. Turn off the power supply and main power supply on the machine operation panel in turn, and carry out all machine adjustments or maintenance;
2. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, and add or replace it in time;
3. Remove chips and wipe the machine tool to keep the machine tool and the environment clean;
4. When unloading the knife, it is strictly forbidden to use the wrench to hit the chuck;
5. Check for damaged parts. Before using the CNC router any further, carefully inspect any damaged guards or other parts to determine if it is functioning properly and functioning as intended.
6. Check the alignment of moving parts, binding of moving parts, damage to parts, installation and any other conditions that may affect its operation. Correctly repair or replace damaged guards or other parts.
7. After turning off the power of the machine tool, send the workpiece for inspection, and clean the machine tool and the ground.
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